Anker’s New iPhone Battery Might Be Incompatible With the iPhone 15

After MagSafe showed up in 2020, the majority of Anker’s iPhone-explicit compact chargers exploited the element; attractively sticking to the rear of the gadget and charging it remotely. Without precedent for some time, Anker has delivered an iPhone reinforcement battery that associates straightforwardly to its Lightning port, however assuming bits of gossip are valid, the new frill could be out of date in only a couple of months.
However helpful as it very well might be to slap some additional power onto the rear of your iPhone with a MagSafe extra (or possibly the iPhone 12 and later models) there’s an explanation few out of every odd gadget in the world charges remotely. Remote power move speeds are a lot more slow than what you get with a wired association, and remote charging is undeniably less energy proficient, creating overabundance heat which isn’t just squandered energy, however it’s terrible for the battery of the gadget being charged.

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The Anker Nano Power Bank in a dark get done with the collapsing Lightning port connector illustrated.
With its new Nano Power Bank, Anker has gotten back to making compact iPhone chargers with an implicit Lightning connector that flips down when not joined to your cell phone, so there’s less opportunity of it getting twisted or broken when thrown in your pack. The charger brags 5,000mAh limit, 12W charging speeds — which is two times the charging rate of Anker’s MagSafe arrangements — a basic four Drove charge level pointer, and a solitary USB-C port for re-energizing it.

The utilization of a Lightning connector implies the Nano Power Bank is viable with an extensive rundown of more seasoned Mac gadgets, including iPads, AirPods, and cell phones as old as the iPhone 5, which appeared back in 2012. Nonetheless, in the event that bits of gossip are to be accepted, the charger may not be viable with the yet-to-be-reported iPhone 15 models possibly appearing not long from now, as many suspect Apple will at last resign the Lightning port and switch them over to USB-C.

The six different variety choices of the Anker Nano Power Bank.
Picture: Anker
So in the event that you’re the sort who totally needs to redesign their iPhone many years, the new Anker Nano Power Bank probably won’t be a frill worth considering, as attempting to utilize it with a Lightning to USB-C connector would be not exactly rich. However, in the event that you’re wanting to clutch a more seasoned Apple gadget for some time, and especially one that is beginning to reveal how old it very well may be concerning battery duration, the $32 Nano could assist you with keeping away from an exorbitant overhaul for some time.

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